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The Skydiver Lifesaver, Automatic Parachute Launch

In Superskok , faults can typically be deadly so there is certainly not far too much space for them. Allow me to share some examples of things which may well come in between a skydiver and his means to deploy the parachute in safe disorders:

* When exiting the plane or during the totally free drop the skydiver looses consciousness.

* The skydiver will get distracted and looses keep track of of altitude.

* Unpredicted occasions transpire, like an additional skydiver or maybe a plane will get to shut and damages the devices, or destabilizes the skydiver.

Individuals gatherings, nevertheless undesired, could transpire and put the skydiver within the impossibility of deploying the parachute. For people conditions, an automatic activation device was made and became obligatory to any skydiver. The AAD is usually a compact pc that opens the safety parachute with the skydiver when he is unable to get it done on his individual by monitoring the altitude.

CYPRES AAD is easily the most prevalent utilized along with the finest identified safety gadget for skydiving. The Cybernetic Parachute Release Process (CYPRES) is employed by greater than 65 000 countless numbers skydivers based on the maker.

The CYPRES AAD is product of four things:

* A small screen that allows the consumer to monitor its exercise and also the on/of change

* The actual personal computer

* A battery

* A cutter, which can be the particular system that deploys the reserve parachute

The computer sends a sign for the cutter in the event the time for reserve parachute deployment has occur. The cutter is in fact a bullet with a wedge – shaped sharpened idea that cuts the closing loop. The closing loop is often a piece of twine by way of which the closing pin with the reserve parachute closes its container. The best strategy for opening the reserve parachute will be to reduce that closing loop.

The altitude at which the CYPRES is about to deploy the reserve is 750 feet (230 m). This altitude is monitored via the laptop in the CYPRES. The computer’s career is not quick and non trivial and there are actually situations in the event the laptop or computer may well be tricked:

* Ordinary flying that has a effectively deployed major parachute

* Fast, surprising improvements of stress prompted by rolling about or flying all over other skydivers in the free slide.

* Returning to the floor during the aircraft

* Substantial variations of stress brought about with the weather just like a low-pressure process going in the spot.

The CYPRES AAD deploys the reserve parachute only if the skydiver reaches the altitude of 750 feet in no cost drop.